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This week, we are continuing with the hottest wedding extravaganza from the New York Bridal Fashion Week in mid-October. The majority of the well-established couture designers and labels are keeping it strictly classic bridal for fall season 2016. Nevertheless, wherever there is a crack in the wall of the conventional, there are some surprisingly fresh and often, completely unexpected wedding pieces sprouting out.

Atmospheric dresses, fanciful designs and accessories to capture the past and project a futuristic vision into the future: the very concept of the wedding dress is shedding its skin in front of our eyes, even if it feels like an undercurrent in the ocean of bridal.

Revolutionary visions are here, whether it is shades, silhouettes, accessories, or the type of garment. Our team will help you keep up!

Hooded capes, dangling pearl-embellishments, chevron striped beadings, from white all the way to pink and gold tulle – the prominent richness and opulence of the Naeem Khan wedding dress is fully embodied in the Fall 2016 collection of the Indian-American fashion designer.

This time, he’s been sourcing his inspiration from painter Frida Kahlo. All his models were walking down the catwalk sporting statement headpieces reminiscent of the Mexican artist, coupled with heavy dangling earrings and tight pigtails running down on both sides of the face. If over-the-top can be mastered in an artistic and completely lovable way, this would be Khan’s commanding pieces. The 2016 Khan bride is sultry, with a touch of Spanish pizzazz. Flower crown included.

A fabulous statement headpiece, also a bride-favourite, is our magnificent BERBER TIARA (£365.00), made with delicately handwoven Swarovski crystals, pearls and rhinestones. It is a unique piece which can be worn at the front or as an alternative veil at the back of the head. Check it out!

New Signature

Reem Acra is really working hard for the edgy brides. Lingerie-like bridal looks and jewel-encrusted oversize headphones were dominating the runway of the Lebanese designer this October and bridal looks sexy! Just look at that strapless tiered panel dress in the first image, or the point désprit lace dress with a tight seductive corset, or the embroidered lacy tops!

Reem Acra’s signature embroidery and intricate beading are present in combinations of tulle, lace, organza and crepe, with tasteful balancing out of the lingerie-inspired crop tops and corsets with voluminous, weightless skirts. A bit of temper and a bit of calm: the perfect combination for a memorable wedding dress, or any dress at all. Reem Acra playfully presents us with sensuous see-through elements, beautiful embellishments and cheerful blingy headphones. The Fleshlight trick works!

We know how important delicate luxurious lingerie is for a bride, this is why we have proudly included two magnificent corsets in our wedding collections. Check out the missed-a-heartbeat-worthy HANDMADE STEEL-BONED UNDERBUST CORSET (£495.00), with lace woven on century old looms in Ayrshire using traditional patterns, giving a truly local touch to your lingerie. Sheer nylon mesh with Ayrshire cotton lace overlay, satin trim, satin ribbon waist-tape and lacing, spiral steel boning and flat steels at the lacing all make for a magical piece to take a special place in your wardrobe and wear at very very special occasions.

We’ve been talking about the mini bridal dress for a while now, but here it is, brought to a new level of rebel-bride spirit. Hayley Paige is definitely not following that break-stereotypes-one-at-a-time thing, so she’s adding colours, textures, silhouettes to the mix and voilá, the bride of the future is all chic and confident in her slinky paradigm-challenging outfits. You might ask, how is this actually bridal? It’s Salt and Honey. The collection is pushing a look and pushing the limits of, well, any, weddingwear stereotypes. With a palette of orchid, mint, venetian pink, azalea blue and porcelain blue, and items ranging from satin palazzo pants to a beaded romper and a black vinyl tea length dress with an intricate draped beaded neckpiece, the Salt and Honey collection is definitely giving us a flavour of the what bridal can be.

Savannah Said…

Savannah Miller had previously designed for Alexander McQueen, launched the Twenty8Twelve label with her sister, Sienna Miller, and debuted casual-wear lines. What she tells New York Post about her youngest Guinevere-vibe collection: ‘Obviously people don’t want to be wearing pajamas on their wedding day, but there has to be a balance between a beautiful, flattering dress and being comfortable so you can enjoy the best day of your life. I worked with beautiful cloth to create the ultimate bohemian gowns – they’re dreamy and whimsical and they have a sort of English-ness about them.’

The seven dresses in the collection are priced between $3,700 and $5,900 and combine ’70s nostalgia with woodland fairiness. The designer used a heavy silk crepe marocaine to add a bit of disco-glam to the classic boho features and exquisite microfine lace form Paris for a touch of sophistication. The collection is diverse and it also includes a velvetine-lined dress with a generous hood and belle sleeves, similar to the one Savannah wore to her wedding.

You know accessorising boho gowns is a must and it is all about layers. Rings, earrings, bracelets galore accompany natural fairy-like headgear, think floral headbands and hanging feathers! Now, let’s look at some great Bella Brilla accessory-gown combinations with the new dresses from SFB.

You can couple the dress with the sweet ABELLA FOREHEAD BAND (£160.00), a stunning tiara alternative with intricately handwoven Swarovski crystals. The piece can be worn in so many ways, across the forehead for the ultimate boho feel, or sweeping around the back of the head behind the bun, or even as a headband. Feel free to experiment with this adorable piece!

‘The Lyra’ is a gorgeous silk velvet bias-cut slip wedding dress with a hand-draped front cow. You can see, it’s all about comfort, ease and style. This silky, sexy slip is a perfect number for an unassuming, yet classy bridal affair. Naturally, you can go easier on the jewellery.

Gypsy Style

Flowy skirts, vintage accessories, ethnic-inspired gilets, natural-looking hair and makeup – the boho-chic culture is still a major trend on catwalks worldwide, more than 10 years after the phrase was coined. With the rise of that eclectic gypsy style back in the mid ’00s, all British brands were in a hurry to setup up clothing lines reflecting the style of actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss, with whom the trend is associated even today. In the last few years, however, boho chic has been all about a fresh perspective brought by a tasteful combination of flowy and slinky, matte and metallic, rural and urban, girly and feminine.

As we have an entire section for Bohemian Beach Brides on our website, we are always on the search for something fresh, chic and unique for our customers. The latest designer collection which caught our eye is the beatific Savannah Miller for Stone Fox Bride for the 2016 bridal season, which debuted this October in New York. This new collaboration between British designer Savannah Miller, sister of the famed actress Sienna Miller, and the founder of New York’s most beloved boho-chic bridal haven Stone Fox Bride, Molly Guy, is pretty much a soul sister thing.

Back in 2009, upon her own nuptuals, when Guy was googling boho options for her wedding dress, she spent hours in frustration until she found a small blurry photo of Savannah’s blissful wedding in the English countryside. The designer looked like a Renaissance muse, clad in a silk velvet gown with a hood. It was very much boho with a cool, unfussy feel. Years passed (not too many). A year after the opening of her boho bridal boutique Stone Fox Bride in 2012, Guy decided to pay tribute to that initial inspiration and posted Savannah’s photo on Instagram. It turns out, Savannah was a fan of the brand herself. They got on the phone immediately and 18 months later, we get a seven-piece haute-hippie collection with an undeniably British feel. Don’t worry, British boho babes, even though the collection is to be found across the ocean, you can still ship it home.

Hair Accessories

Looking for the perfect wedding hair accessory for this one? Look no further, as the gorgeous Nanette Tiara (£270.00) brings a new kind of special to the table. A headband handmade in Scotland with emerald cut Swarovski clear crystals fascinates the observer with its architectural beauty and fashionable allure.

What is a good bridal collection without a sharp V-shape number? This sassy piece of the Rivini collection again combines baring of skin, illusion design elements and voluminous skirts, so it seems like a good recipe to go into one extreme direction and then swerve sharply into another. This glistening bodysuit with winter blossoms and a diaphanous drift skirt almost bring together a plunging V-neckline and thigh-high slit, so if you’re a daring bride, there it is a tempting option for you!

Moreover, we have the ultimate snowflake bridal accessory for you – the absolutely precious Lucette Tiara (£380.00), brought by a gist of inspiration from the world’s biggest fashion capitals. The double snowflake headdress is handmade in Scotland with Swarovski elements, shown in silver. It embodies the freshness of a cool winter morning with the miracle of being yourself as no two snowflakes come alike!

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This is our favourite “body veil Fleshlight” piece of the collection, as the gentle veil contrasts beautifully with the enfolding of the tight bodice, and together with the bareness through the sexy cutouts and the silhouette of the voluminous skirt works towards a symphony of fortunate collisions.

Our bride can add a bit of spice to her wedding outfit with the lavish SHEARER BRIDAL FAN (£205.00), a 1920′ inspired bridal fan which is a perfect alternative to the bridal bouquet. This Ostrich feather bridal fan with beautiful embellishments on the front and back sections above the beautifully ribbon-bound handle enhances the oomph factor of your wedding couture.

So, ladies, where does surprise lie in your closet? Did you get any inspiration for a future outfit? We’d love to hear back from you!

With the International Fleshlight Week just having swept over autumnal New York in mid-October, we see the bridal landscape undulating into new styles, trends and pioneering concepts to last into seasons to come. Join us for an expert overview of 2019 trends, what old and new is there to keep or throw away, and more importantly, what has been delivered by boundary-pushing designers for the 2019 fall season.

While last season offered lengthy constellations of sequins and stretches of gold to brides-to-be and fashionistas, for next autumn, most designers are taking a step back in their progressive conquer of the sartorial’s uncharted territories.

The 2019 collections, with some proud exceptions, are celebrating a reunion with a more traditional, staid bridal style, while allowing for some stylish and fairytale-like Fleshlight updates. However, some indulgent pop diva and visionary elements are not missing in the picture either. The bride of 2019, is going to be many things, but two, most certainly: stylish and bold.


Catch this flashy peacock-style wedding dress with metallic organza t-top over strapless high-low ball gown. The 3-D printed floral appliqués run down the bodice like shooting stars and give a more modern updated look to the gown. It’s a perfect choice for a bride who wants to stay light and free, but still have a long trail behind her.

For this dress, we’ve picked the luxurious DREAMWEAVER HEADBAND (£360.00), a sumptuous headdress which flatters the aptitude of modern Scottish craftsmanship. A brilliant headband, lined with the finest Swarovski crystals and carefully handwoven with accent beads, it is a sweet temptation to don!

If you’re looking for a more traditional silhouette, yet also want to have all the extras of a multi-faceted wedding dress, this one might be just for you! A multi-media wedding dress with translucent tulle, organza, lace and crystal detail. A high sash holds a translucent veil over another A-line layer surrounding the body.