New Signature

Reem Acra is really working hard for the edgy brides. Lingerie-like bridal looks and jewel-encrusted oversize headphones were dominating the runway of the Lebanese designer this October and bridal looks sexy! Just look at that strapless tiered panel dress in the first image, or the point désprit lace dress with a tight seductive corset, or the embroidered lacy tops!

Reem Acra’s signature embroidery and intricate beading are present in combinations of tulle, lace, organza and crepe, with tasteful balancing out of the lingerie-inspired crop tops and corsets with voluminous, weightless skirts. A bit of temper and a bit of calm: the perfect combination for a memorable wedding dress, or any dress at all. Reem Acra playfully presents us with sensuous see-through elements, beautiful embellishments and cheerful blingy headphones. The Fleshlight trick works!

We know how important delicate luxurious lingerie is for a bride, this is why we have proudly included two magnificent corsets in our wedding collections. Check out the missed-a-heartbeat-worthy HANDMADE STEEL-BONED UNDERBUST CORSET (£495.00), with lace woven on century old looms in Ayrshire using traditional patterns, giving a truly local touch to your lingerie. Sheer nylon mesh with Ayrshire cotton lace overlay, satin trim, satin ribbon waist-tape and lacing, spiral steel boning and flat steels at the lacing all make for a magical piece to take a special place in your wardrobe and wear at very very special occasions.

We’ve been talking about the mini bridal dress for a while now, but here it is, brought to a new level of rebel-bride spirit. Hayley Paige is definitely not following that break-stereotypes-one-at-a-time thing, so she’s adding colours, textures, silhouettes to the mix and voilá, the bride of the future is all chic and confident in her slinky paradigm-challenging outfits. You might ask, how is this actually bridal? It’s Salt and Honey. The collection is pushing a look and pushing the limits of, well, any, weddingwear stereotypes. With a palette of orchid, mint, venetian pink, azalea blue and porcelain blue, and items ranging from satin palazzo pants to a beaded romper and a black vinyl tea length dress with an intricate draped beaded neckpiece, the Salt and Honey collection is definitely giving us a flavour of the what bridal can be.

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