Catch this flashy peacock-style wedding dress with metallic organza t-top over strapless high-low ball gown. The 3-D printed floral appliqués run down the bodice like shooting stars and give a more modern updated look to the gown. It’s a perfect choice for a bride who wants to stay light and free, but still have a long trail behind her.

For this dress, we’ve picked the luxurious DREAMWEAVER HEADBAND (£360.00), a sumptuous headdress which flatters the aptitude of modern Scottish craftsmanship. A brilliant headband, lined with the finest Swarovski crystals and carefully handwoven with accent beads, it is a sweet temptation to don!

If you’re looking for a more traditional silhouette, yet also want to have all the extras of a multi-faceted wedding dress, this one might be just for you! A multi-media wedding dress with translucent tulle, organza, lace and crystal detail. A high sash holds a translucent veil over another A-line layer surrounding the body.

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