Which Elements are of Utmost Importance to You

Perhaps you want premium quality, haute couture, Paris made, a certain brand etc. You can spend 70-80% of your Budget on those, while the rest goes to lesser priorities or to points from the list which could go with less investment.

A closeup

The Budget

In the end, the Budget has to be flexible and friendly. There should always be a safety net zone which would allow you to have a tiny wee extra at the bottom of your pocket so you can cover last-minute costs or fill in here and there without feeling guilty or stressed.

Control, safety and extravaganza are not always affordable all at once. That’s why you have us, your team of quality experts and your own good judgement on what is really worth to focus on and what could be done sparsely and neatly.

Naturally, there are things you can be smart about – pick the season where wedding packages are at their lowest; create a warm and heartfelt wedding reception with DIY decor, as excessive decor can swallow up large portions of the budget etc.

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