Gypsy Style

Flowy skirts, vintage accessories, ethnic-inspired gilets, natural-looking hair and makeup – the boho-chic culture is still a major trend on catwalks worldwide, more than 10 years after the phrase was coined. With the rise of that eclectic gypsy style back in the mid ’00s, all British brands were in a hurry to setup up clothing lines reflecting the style of actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss, with whom the trend is associated even today. In the last few years, however, boho chic has been all about a fresh perspective brought by a tasteful combination of flowy and slinky, matte and metallic, rural and urban, girly and feminine.

As we have an entire section for Bohemian Beach Brides on our website, we are always on the search for something fresh, chic and unique for our customers. The latest designer collection which caught our eye is the beatific Savannah Miller for Stone Fox Bride for the 2016 bridal season, which debuted this October in New York. This new collaboration between British designer Savannah Miller, sister of the famed actress Sienna Miller, and the founder of New York’s most beloved boho-chic bridal haven Stone Fox Bride, Molly Guy, is pretty much a soul sister thing.

Back in 2009, upon her own nuptuals, when Guy was googling boho options for her wedding dress, she spent hours in frustration until she found a small blurry photo of Savannah’s blissful wedding in the English countryside. The designer looked like a Renaissance muse, clad in a silk velvet gown with a hood. It was very much boho with a cool, unfussy feel. Years passed (not too many). A year after the opening of her boho bridal boutique Stone Fox Bride in 2012, Guy decided to pay tribute to that initial inspiration and posted Savannah’s photo on Instagram. It turns out, Savannah was a fan of the brand herself. They got on the phone immediately and 18 months later, we get a seven-piece haute-hippie collection with an undeniably British feel. Don’t worry, British boho babes, even though the collection is to be found across the ocean, you can still ship it home.

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