Hair Accessories

Looking for the perfect wedding hair accessory for this one? Look no further, as the gorgeous Nanette Tiara (£270.00) brings a new kind of special to the table. A headband handmade in Scotland with emerald cut Swarovski clear crystals fascinates the observer with its architectural beauty and fashionable allure.

What is a good bridal collection without a sharp V-shape number? This sassy piece of the Rivini collection again combines baring of skin, illusion design elements and voluminous skirts, so it seems like a good recipe to go into one extreme direction and then swerve sharply into another. This glistening bodysuit with winter blossoms and a diaphanous drift skirt almost bring together a plunging V-neckline and thigh-high slit, so if you’re a daring bride, there it is a tempting option for you!

Moreover, we have the ultimate snowflake bridal accessory for you – the absolutely precious Lucette Tiara (£380.00), brought by a gist of inspiration from the world’s biggest fashion capitals. The double snowflake headdress is handmade in Scotland with Swarovski elements, shown in silver. It embodies the freshness of a cool winter morning with the miracle of being yourself as no two snowflakes come alike!

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