Personalised items…

Personalised wedding items or services are the best you can enjoy in the industry, yet how close are Kimye or Chinese actress Angelababy who splurged on a lavish wedding that cost 20.3 million pounds to the average wedding budget scenario? This is where the squeeze-splurge strategy comes in handy. Prioritise. Be free to spoil yourself for things you adore and have areas where you go all Uncle Scrooge.

Inquiring about the price lists of different professionals and companies and keeping a file at hand to consult whenever needed can be very helpful too. If you are not sure how to create your own wedding budget worksheet, you can either consult other brides, your wedding planner or check what Google has in store or you. Be prepared for miscellaneous fees connected to the wedding organisation as small things like postage or last-minute replacements can sometimes just slip unnoticed through your fingers. However, it is much better to be aware of those and keep an eye on them. As a bride you’re allowed to be pretty and mindless, but you can also help yourself with good planning and priorities set straight early on.


Sometimes you want to spend just a wee bit extra for something very special that’s not exactly one of the supposed-to-have main expenses. Lighting is a good example for this category – you can treat light as light and that’s that, but up-lighting that can cost anything between a thousand and a few thousand pounds can completely transform the atmosphere at the wedding reception. Options vary from pin-spotting, i.e. highlighting centrepieces or the cake stand, to wash, the overall nuance of the hall or dance floor colour, and even gobo, i.e. a plate or screen which manipulates how light is projected. Additional elements like that, though additional, can add up to a much more special and intimate atmosphere.

Sometimes, a breathtaking scenery is worth it all. Location is one of those wedding elements where you might like to splurge on – as long as you are aware of all the possible expenses it entails, it is definitely worth it to invest a bit extra into a location where you’ll memorise the scents, the hues of the sunset and the freshness of the experience. As too many things hinge on the wedding venue – from attire to indoor or outdoor reception etc. – it is a choice where you need to weight up the pros and cons and pick a winner.

You might be worried about the little things, but keep in mind that in the end, the little things add up to the whole experience, most especially including how you take it all in – in a hurry, in worry or in grace and generosity.

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