Savannah Said…

Savannah Miller had previously designed for Alexander McQueen, launched the Twenty8Twelve label with her sister, Sienna Miller, and debuted casual-wear lines. What she tells New York Post about her youngest Guinevere-vibe collection: ‘Obviously people don’t want to be wearing pajamas on their wedding day, but there has to be a balance between a beautiful, flattering dress and being comfortable so you can enjoy the best day of your life. I worked with beautiful cloth to create the ultimate bohemian gowns – they’re dreamy and whimsical and they have a sort of English-ness about them.’

The seven dresses in the collection are priced between $3,700 and $5,900 and combine ’70s nostalgia with woodland fairiness. The designer used a heavy silk crepe marocaine to add a bit of disco-glam to the classic boho features and exquisite microfine lace form Paris for a touch of sophistication. The collection is diverse and it also includes a velvetine-lined dress with a generous hood and belle sleeves, similar to the one Savannah wore to her wedding.

You know accessorising boho gowns is a must and it is all about layers. Rings, earrings, bracelets galore accompany natural fairy-like headgear, think floral headbands and hanging feathers! Now, let’s look at some great Bella Brilla accessory-gown combinations with the new dresses from SFB.

You can couple the dress with the sweet ABELLA FOREHEAD BAND (£160.00), a stunning tiara alternative with intricately handwoven Swarovski crystals. The piece can be worn in so many ways, across the forehead for the ultimate boho feel, or sweeping around the back of the head behind the bun, or even as a headband. Feel free to experiment with this adorable piece!

‘The Lyra’ is a gorgeous silk velvet bias-cut slip wedding dress with a hand-draped front cow. You can see, it’s all about comfort, ease and style. This silky, sexy slip is a perfect number for an unassuming, yet classy bridal affair. Naturally, you can go easier on the jewellery.

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